Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vacations......................make me smile!!!

I love the ocean

The smell, the sand, the breeze

collecting seashell, rocks and memories

And more Tassel Ideas!!!!!!

I woke up out of a dream.......

Laying there, my head spinning

I new I had to get up and do something.

So flashlight in hand at 3am

I'm searching for that possible idea

Ouch!! I stub my toe!

That wasn't it!

I pick up what I was searching for.

Back in my workshop the cat looks at me

I know ....I know.....

These are not normal hours but I'll feed you anyway.

After several hours and many trys

I sit smiling at myself

Yes.......this is what I was dreaming.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tassels with a meaning.........interesting read!

This is a picture of Swazi girls who had to where tassels that symbolizd chastity as part of a sex ban imposed by their King. The ban was started by the king in 2001 to fight the spread of HIV/Aids. Some 40% of Swazi citizens are HIV positive.
In August 2005 women protested the wearing of these tassels and burned 1000's of them. Reminds me when women in the US burned their bra's in the 60's. You can read more about this subject
After you read this Please come back and comment. I am interested in your thoughts.

Through this site I hope to make others aware of the different uses of tassels in othere cultures and other times. If anyone comes across something interesting, please feel free to share. You can write me at and I shall post it.

Food for thought....... Every tassel is made by someone. They are all made by hand, sometimes with the help of a machine but there is no machine that can make a tassel from beginning to end without the help of human hands!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More of my BLISS!!
This is my ribbon tassel. Rayon heavy satin type ribbon with gilded tassel form and white fringe. I created this for a wedding.
The two green tassels are an example of two color dyes and light color turning dark. Both tassel forms are painted and gilded. I like using ribbons more so than cording.

These are a group of peach and rose tassels showing ranges of colors.

This is a early example of a Wedding Tassel. All of these tassels are hand-dyed and hand beaded.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's a Tassel?

Welcome to Lyndunes Tassel Talk

The purpose of this blog is to talk tassels. I love tassels and I know others do also!!

I would like others to share their love of tassels.

I have been fascinated with tassels and how they are made since the 60's. I would buy them and take them apart and then make my own. This is when I was in grade school! I have done 1000's of hours of research and talking to people.

This is one I created in 2003. Hand-dyed, Hand beaded and gilded.

In 2004 I was invited to India to talk tassels!! That's was glorious!! My goals are to do research in England, France and Italy. I am starting my own tassel design company and soon will be coming out with a totally unique tassel product. But enough of that! I will tell you about that later

Most people think a tassel is something that enhances something else. Such as tassels on a pillow or a curtain tye-back. Others say its a embellishment that goes on anything you want to put it on. Same thing?

This one was a fun one I put together with ribbons and beads and different textured fibers.

When you think of a tassel what is the first thing that comes to mind? Now I have taken an informal poll of this question. I asked people when I was a vendor at the Portland Saturday Market 2003. Out of 200 people, 100 being female and 100 being male.


50% Interior Design
30% strippers costumes ( surprising, at least to me)
15% Belly Dancing
5% Jewelry


54% Strippers
46% Interior Design

Ok.......That was interesting!

Lets ask another question. What DO you put tassels on? Ahhhh another profound thought. Or what CAN you put tassels on?

Now mind you tassels have been around for a mighty long time.

You remember the Siberian Ice Maiden 2400BC?
A wonderfully preserved grave site in Siberia. She was wearing full garb including a tasseled belt and they found tassels on the saddle blankets that were buried with the horses.

I don't know if you can see that, but look up Siberian Ice Maiden on google.

Fascinating read.

Tassels were associated with the wealthy. Royalty or upper class and the religious community. Their clothes, their surroundings and their animals were decorated with tassels.

In most every culture throughout time, tassels have adorn camels, horses, lamas, goats and more. Kings, queens, priests, military generals, high society, presidents, scholars, witch doctors and shamans have worn tassels.

The interiors of churches, to the Arabian tents to the temples of the far east and no Victorian parlor would be caught without tassels for their curtains.

Tassels are a Hugh thing at Graduation, can't tell you why this minute, but there are quite a few of those kinds of tassels hanging around. And its not only graduation for high school or college! Its for kindergarten, preschool and eighth grade.

So far this is my two cents on tassels. I will be adding more as the days go by. Please leave a comment if it moves you to do so. And I would love to hear from those other tassel lovers out there!!

Food for thought.............

Every tassel that has ever been made has been done by hand. No machine that I am aware of can make a tassel from beginning to end. ( unless its the most simple of design )