Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here are some new creations.....

There are two ways I start creating tassels. Planned & not planned. Client requests are always exciting because they challenge me to please the client. That is all important. I take into account everything.... personality, decor, budget, likes & dislikes and how the client inspires me. When the client smiles, seeing the final creation.. thats why I do what I do!
Then, there are the ideas that come to me in a dream or inspiration from nature,colors, fabrics, magazines, going to the bead shows (a very dangerous place indeed). Anywhere & everywhere. It's all around me!
I hope you enjoy my creations because soon....very soon....I will have a website and you will be able to order custome tassels as well as individuals ones from The Tassel Gallery. I am so excited! I hope you will be too!!

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