Saturday, March 19, 2011


I lack confidnce when it comes to my art,Tassel Making. Not in the process but the unveiling of my work. Will people like my work? Will people like it enough to buy it? I did the Portland Saturday Market for one year back in 2003-4. People liked them. But will people like them enough again to buy them? Do I really want to put myself out there? Time, energy, money,would have to be spent. Not a one shot deal either. This is a commitment. To myself & to my customers. Do I really want to do this? Ohhhhhh! YES! YES! YEEEEESSS!!
It is my joy! My soul! My being! My bliss!
The thought of tassels is always there. How do I work out this design or that design. I just saw something that inspired me, darn it! I don't have anything to write down my idea. Oh I hope I remember this until I get home.
I woke up from a dream, dreaming the solution to a design I was working on. I had to get up to see if it works! My kids say I am possesed! "By what?" I ask. They would roll their eyes.
I am overflowing out & over & under. I am BUSTING OUT!! It can not be contained. So when I put my tassels out there for you to see....well....I just can't help! It's me just busting out. And its ok.

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